It was lovely while it lasted, but it's now unavailable.

  • Ingredients

    Pure distillate (hydrosol) of Rosa damascena.

  • Experience

    Texture: light liquid spray.

    This is a raw, natural product with no potentially irritating or microbiome-disrupting alcohol, preservatives or fragrance of any kind added (either natural or synthetic).

  • Important things to know

    This pure, organic distilled skin tonic for the face is fresh is best used within three months of opening. If you’re not using it immediately, pop the unopened bottle in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. Once open, keep it at a cool, consistent temperature and it’s best to avoid removing the spray nozzle from the bottle. The best before is December 2020.

    Click here to read our general product FAQ.

    When trying a new skincare product we recommend trying the product on a non-delicate area of skin first, or speaking to your trusted health advisor. If you experience any irritation, stop using the product immediately.

    Take care not to get it into your eyes and avoid broken skin.

    The hydrosol in this tonic has been tested for microbial and fungal levels and met recommended criteria. We source directly from the grower/distiller and we distribute online only so we have total oversight of quality at every step in the process until our product reaches our customers’ hands. Nothing goes into a bottle without being quality tested and we test again at regular intervals.

    We use internationally-accredited laboratory, ALS, for our testing.

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