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Welcome to the Khloris Botanical Library. This is our place to write about all-things distilled plant water and the skin.

Dry skin and rose water

How to use Khloris Botanical Skin Tonic

There are many beautiful ways to incorporate your Khloris Botanical Skin Tonic to suit your personal skin care routine.

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Khloris Rose Fields

The case for organic rose water

Once you’ve experienced the effectiveness and loveliness of pure plant based skincare – like rose water – it’s hard to go back. Choosing botanicals for skincare though, does come with the same issues we face today with food: you may also be buying the chemicals a plant has been sprayed with.

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Dry skin and rosse water

Rose water’s benefits for skin

Rose water is one of the most beloved beauty products since antiquity. Part of its enduring appeal is, no doubt, the wide range of skin it suits. It’s a real crowd pleaser.

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The Khloris Beauty Grace

One of the great gifts of being human is our ability to choose what to focus on. The beginning and end of the day has always been a great time to think and correct course, so your twice daily beauty ritual can pair perfectly and efficiently with a gratitude practice.

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Beauty and the hydrosol

5 lovely reasons to introduce hydrosols into your skin care routine

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How to buy rose water

Rose water – a buyer’s guide

Are you looking to buy rose water and trying to navigate through all of the options?  Want to know if there’s really a difference between a high-priced rose water and a cheap drugstore one?  Or, if a rose floral water and a rose hydrosol are made the same way? If so, you’re in the right place.

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Like the stars, on a clear night

I spent my thirties in glamourous pursuit of the latest science-based beauty routine. My skin had an expensively-tended glow, yet deep down I felt uneasy. I didn’t understand the myriad of ingredients I was using or know how or by whom they were made; I felt no real connection to the products or to my beauty routine. I was awash in scientific facts, but where was the meaning?

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dry skin and rose water

The Low-down on Toners

Your skin is a beautiful, ever-changing symphony of biology. What can a toner do for me? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question, it will depend on your skin, your environment and the other products in your routine.

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