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How to use Khloris Botanical Skin Tonic

No matter where and how you use your Khloris Botanical Skin Tonic in your routine, you are actually applying plant compounds to treat your skin. You may also be treating your mood, because you are likely inhaling the same compounds.

A joy of the liquid spray form of our skin tonic is that depending on the needs of your skin each day, you can choose to use it to support any step in your routine – cleansing your skin and/or hydrating/moisturising it (or both). You can also use it to supercharge other treatments, such as masks or exfoliation.  Read on for lots of ideas about how.

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The fast cleanse

If you can’t summon the time or energy for multiple skin care steps, just do one quick thing for your skin – a quick wipe with a cotton pad using your skin tonic instead of plain water. It’s one minute tops and using skin tonic rather than plain water means you’re adding beneficial plant compounds and supporting your acid mantle – and your nervous system if you inhaling the relaxing aroma.

The compress

The skin tonic compress as a sole cleansing step is lovely. In the morning, it’s great to help remove any excess sebum or toxins your skin has released overnight.  Just soak a large organic muslin cloth in warm water, apply a few pumps of your tonic to it, then press it to your face and gently massage away the grime.

The double cleanse

Double-cleansing just means adding a second cleansing step into your routine.  It’s useful if you’ve had a heavy makeup or sunscreen day and feel there’s a bit of extra work needed to get the residue off.

For double cleansing, do both the quick wipe or the compress. Or do one of them in combination with your normal cleanser.

Moisturise with Khloris Skin Tonic image

The skin tonic spritz – pre-moisturising, or at any time

A solo rose water spray is a lovely way to harness all of the longer-term skin health-building benefits of your skin tonic while giving your skin’s outer layer an immediate moisture boost.

Do this any time of the day that your skin feels like it’s lacking moisture (particularly if you are in air conditioning or dry heat for long periods of time).

Distilled plant water and oil – nature’s combination

Damp skin cells are more porous, so applying a spritz of your skin tonic before moisturising will add beneficial plant compounds as well as preparing your skin to receive the next products in your routine.

In essence, your skin uses a combination of water and oil to keep itself healthily supple, hydrated and soft.  By pairing a Khloris skin tonic with a pure plant oil (such as rose hip or pomegranate), you are seamlessly matching the way your skin naturally functions.

We think this is the perfect minimalist approach – just two pure ingredients! If oil doesn’t work for your skin, then your usual moisturiser is fine.

If your skin is particularly dry or dehydrated we recommend that as a final step you press in a moisturiser that has ingredients that will provide a barrier to stop the release of moisture from the skin’s surface. (We like a pure whipped shea butter for this).

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As part of a special treatment

If you’re a fan of the at-home facial, a compress using your skin tonic (as above) is a beautiful way to way to prepare your skin to receive a mask or treatment.

Your skin tonic can be mixed with pure clay to make a lovely and effective treatment mask.

Khloris skin tonic is great to mix with a dry exfoliation product (or a DIY combination of clay and ground almond) instead of water.

In flight or in the office

Khloris skin tonic can be an excellent way to keep up hydration in skin-stressing environments such as aircraft or air-conditioned offices. As well as providing a direct dose of moisture, you get some beautiful aromatic calming for your nervous system.

Applying makeup

Plumping up the outer layer of the skin with skin tonic is a great way to prepare your skin before applying foundation if you’re a fan of the dewy look.  You can also use Khloris skin tonic to dilute your foundation for more sheer coverage. Or, you can spray skin tonic directly on to your face after applying your foundation, blusher or eyeshadow and then go over everything with your make up sponge or brush to really blend.

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