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Product FAQ

Do you have a product question? In this FAQ we cover questions about Khloris and skin, using our skin tonic, and what’s in the bottle.

Khloris Botanical Skin Tonic and skin health

Which Khloris skin tonic should I choose?

If your skin is on the oily, and/or congested side of the skin spectrum – try our Damask Rose & Orange Blossom.

If your skin is normal to combination i.e it leans to oily/congested, and/or has some dryness or dehydration – try our Australian Damask Rose Water, or our Damask Rose & Orange Blossom.

If your skin is on the dry/dehydrated side and/or mature side of the skin spectrum – try our Australian Damask Rose Water, or our Damask Rose & Frankincense.

If your skin shows signs of inflammation (redness) – try our Lavender & Helichrysum, or our Australian Damask Rose Water.

If your skin is sensitive – try our Australian Damask Rose Water (and follow the usual cautions of trying a patch test first and using sparingly).

How do distilled plant waters (hydrosols) work?

Distillation is an ancient way of capturing plant compounds in a form that makes them easy to use for skin. It is these compounds (including microscopic particles of essential oil) that are beneficial for the skin.

The specific properties of a distilled plant water will depend on the compounds contained in the plant distilled.

In general, though, distilled plant waters can be very good for treating skin inflammation, balancing sebum production, and supporting the healthy functioning of the skin as a barrier through their natural slight acidity.

How does a distilled plant water’s pH support skin health?

The protective film on your skin is acidic (it’s often referred to as the acid mantle).

If your skin’s acidity levels are not optimal, the protective ability of this film gets compromised. This can impact your skin’s ability to keep in water and increase it’s vulnerability to inflammation.

As distilled plant water is naturally slightly acidic, it’s a good match for supporting your skin’s pH and health as a barrier.

Will a natural skin care product work as well as a non-natural product?

We receive emails from happy customers that show that the answer to this is a resounding yes. Many, many, peer-reviewed studies also confirm the benefits of plant compounds for skin.

Hydrosols for skin

When we use plants, we are co-opting the same chemical constituents that the plant uses to keep itself healthy, for ourselves. This works because humans and plants have co-evolved over millennia.

We believe that a pure and whole plant product is more likely to interact positively with our skin to support its health over the long term.

How long until I see results from using my skin tonic?

This depends on many things, including the health of your skin to start, your health generally, your environment and toxin exposure.  We’ve had enthusiastic emails from customers who saw a difference after a couple of days. We usually advise to give it about 30 days.

Can your skin tonics help with tricky skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea or sensitivity?

Firstly, we’re sorry to hear you may be dealing with one of these tricky conditions. 

Our skin tonics can play an important supporting role in nurturing your skin back to health. They are gentle and don’t burden the skin with unnecessary stress from synthetic additives or multiple concentrated fragrances. They also have properties for soothing and helping inflammation, and helping the skin re-establish itself as an effective barrier.

We believe products are best seen as part of a holistic healing plan, however, so is also essential to work with a good health practitioner to address any health imbalances causing or contributing to the problem.

If your skin is sensitive, we recommend an extra cautious approach. Choose our most gentle tonic (our Australian Damask Rose Water), do a patch test, and use it sparingly at first. 

Using Khloris skin tonic

How long do I have to use up my skin tonic?

We recommend within three months of opening the bottle and before the Best Before date.

Two key things that will impact the freshness of any beauty product are light and oxygen. We use light-blocking glass bottles especially designed to preserve freshness. A small amount of oxygen will enter the bottle when you use the spray pump, however, and over time this can make the product less potent.

Do I need to store my skin tonic in the fridge?

We recommend that if you’re storing a bottle before using it, store it in the fridge. Then once it’s open, if the temperature in your home is fairly consistent, it’s fine in the bathroom.

The most important thing is to avoid big, regular temperature fluctuations. 

How do I use my Khloris skin tonic in my skin care routine?

There are many beautiful ways to use a Khloris skin tonic to suit the rhythm of your skin care routine and your skin’s needs. You are not confined to using your skin tonic like an old-fashioned toner that must come between cleansing and moisturising. Break free!

No matter how you use your skin tonic in your routine, you are actually applying plant compounds to treat your skin. You are also treating your mood and emotions if you inhale.

So, a joy of a Khloris skin tonic is that you can use it to support any step in your routine  – cleansing, toning, moisturising, or supercharging treatments –  and match what your skin needs for its health each day.  Click the article link below to learn more.

How to use Khloris Botanical Skin Tonic

Will I like the smell of a natural product?

Most of us are now conditioned to synthetic engineered scents, so a natural product may smell different at first. Some people love natural aromas right away, for others, they take some getting used to.

A synthetic scent is made by recreating a few key aroma notes. A natural product will contain the complexity of all of the elements of the plant, usually including some green or earthy notes.

Once you reacquaint your nose with natural, it’s likely you’ll be surprised at how your tastes change away from synthetic scents and you come to love the natural.

What’s in the bottle


How does your product and production system work to avoid the need for preservatives?

Many skin care products do need added preservatives. We put a great deal of work, however, into designing and maintaining a product and production system that avoids the need for them. Our ongoing testing confirms our system’s effectiveness.

Our system is built around:

  • The in-built anti-bacterial qualities of the distilled waters we use combined with the heat sterilisation that is part of traditional distillation. Testing of every edition of our skin tonics (unopened after bottling) has shown zero bacterial growth even years after the best before date.
  • Using Khloris doesn’t require opening the bottle or using fingers, which can introduce bacteria.
  • Our glass bottle. Glass has a lower reported rate of accidental contamination than plastic, and we heat sterilise our bottles before filling.
  • Our ability to have oversight of the quality of every step in our production chain because we have direct relationships with our distillers (no wholesalers) and direct control over bottling and selling (in-house).
  • Our stringent product testing. Our internationally accredited lab partner tests samples from EVERY container of ingredient we receive so that we can be confident that ANY product that goes into a bottle is clean. We also continue to test during the life of each edition.
  • Our focus on educating customers (whom we have direct relationships with because we don’t wholesale to other retailers) that our skin tonics are best used within three months of opening the bottle.

Is a distilled plant water different from a floral water?

Yes. Our product is made via traditional, authentic distillation.

Floral waters are made by mixing concentrated extracts with water. They may contain synthetic ingredients and will therefore be very different from an authentic distilled product.  It pays to thoroughly research a beauty brand and their ingredients before you buy so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The article linked below about how rose water is made gives some good info about what the differences between distillates, hydrosols, floral waters are.

Rose water – a buyer’s guide

Why should I choose a Khloris Botanical skin tonic over another hydrosol product?

Because it’s a 100% pure, highest quality distilled plant water (hydrosol), that has not been watered down or adulterated by synthetic or other skin health-disrupting ingredients. It will arrive to you in beautiful, conscious, award-winning packaging.

Because we do not source from wholesalers, and sell only directly to you online, you are just two degrees of separation from the maker of the ingredients. We believe we are the only beauty brand in the world where all ingredients are traceable from field to face.

You are not paying for multiple layers of mark-up for wholesalers and retailers. And, our product is not watered down with cheap ingredients such as water so you’re getting more value in quality of the ingredients for what you spend.

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