Helichrysum and Lavender - Khloris Botanical

Skin tonic: Seasonal Edition 4

Helichrysum & Lavender

Soothe and Heal

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Lavender and Helichrysum are famed in aromatherapy for their healing and soothing properties, making this tonic ideal for skin that needs calming and nurturing.

It suits a broad range of skin types, including congested skin, mature and dry skin, and skin showing signs of inflammation (redness).

A 100% pure, natural product with nothing added. Vegan and human-tested only.

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Lavender has been used since ancient times for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities. For emotional support, it can be relaxing and help to ease tension.

Helichrysum, also known as Immortelle or Everlasting, came to prominence in the 1980s when it was discovered to have properties associated with healing skin tissue. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and a strong antioxidant. Emotionally it is said to help open the heart and heal old wounds.

The lavender and Helichrysum were distilled together resulting in a blend of lavender essence and toasty, honey tea after-note from the helichrysum.

The Helichrysum & Lavender flowers in Khloris Botanical Seasonal Edition 4 were grown organically, hand-harvested at the peak of aromatic perfection and distilled by Sandy and her family on their farm in California.

Traceable from flower to your face.

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Organic cultivation, careful harvesting by hand, and sensitive small-batch distillation all contribute to the quality of the plant compounds that go to work for your skin.

At Khloris there is no further processing after distillation and nothing else added.

It's distilled plant water (hydrosol) of the highest quality in the purest and freshest form possible.

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The plants in this tonic were grown organically in rich soil and bathed in sunshine while colled by soft ocean breezes, ideal for producing vigorous plants with very fragrant flowers.

Careful harvesting by hand helps to ensure that no plant material that might have unwanted influence in the final product's chemical composition goes into the still.

Sensitive distillation coaxes out the right mix of the plant molecules into the steam.

This is a very different approach to that of large-scale commercial production.

Khloris packaging feels and looks beautiful while minimising environmental impact.

Finalist, Design Awards 2015

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In line with our love of the hand-made,
Khloris Botanical packaging contains no
plastic and is printed on antique
letterpress machinery.


Khloris is traceable from flower to your face
vs others – who made it?

From distiller to Khloris to you
vs how many steps and margins in the supply chain?

Khloris is traditionally distilled
vs others - partly or wholly manufactured in a lab?

Khloris is 100% pure and natural
vs others - added water, alcohol, fragrance, preservative?

Khloris has beautiful, sustainable packaging
vs others - how much plastic?

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