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Damask Rose & Frankincense

Wild frankincense resin and organically-grown Damask roses captured in a bottle for your skin.

This uncompromisingly pure skin tonic is a blend of two traditionally distilled hydrosols – Damask Rose and Frankincense. Together they are known to soothe, balance and regenerate, making this luxury tonic suited to a broad range of skin, especially dry and mature.

If you like to thoroughly research what you apply to your skin – as we do – this page should give you everything you need to know. If you’re keen to buy, you can do it here.

Khloris Botanical Skin Tonic Seasonal Edition 8 – Summary

A 100% natural plant product with no additives or synthetics.

Frankincense is widely used for mature skin as its properties have been linked to supporting cell health and renewal. Damask Rose Water is one of beauty’s most beloved ingredients, known for balancing and hydrating, and is a wonderful all-rounder for supporting skin health.

Suitable for a wide range of skin types, especially mature, dehydrated, dry, or combination skin.

The tonic’s natural slight acidicity supports your skin’s health as a barrier.

Aromatherapy: Frankincense – centring. Rose – soothing and calming.

Best of the best ingredients. Small-batch, traditional distillation, for a high-quality, enriched hydrosol. Traceable from flower to face.

Vegan. Human-tested only. Conscious, beautiful packaging.

Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitising.

Ingredients: a 100% natural plant product with no additives or synthetics

Ingredients: Pure distillates (hydrosol) of Rosa damascena and Boswellia sacra.

Origin: Boswellia sacra (Frankincense), tribally harvested and distilled in the Sultanate of Oman, the traditional home of Frankincense. Damask Rose, grown (organically, non-certified) and distilled in Victoria, Australia.

Production: Traditional steam distillation with no additives at any stage during or after the process.

Is this skin tonic right for your skin?

This fresh preparation for your complexion is recommended for those with normal to dry or dehydrated skin.

Frankincense is thought to support cell renewal, which along with its gentle astringent qualities (one action of astringents is to constrict the tiny blood vessels in the skin, making it feel slightly tighter) has also made it popular for mature skin. Of course these benefits can be useful at any age.

Part of rose water’s appeal and endurance over time owes to how many types of skin it helps with its balancing and hydrating properties. It’s commonly recommended for all sorts of badly behaving skin including congestion/breakouts/acne/blackheads; excess oil; dryness; dehydration; and inflammation (redness, itching, roughness, sun exposure).

So if your skin is combination dry/dehydrated with some oily patches or congestion, this tonic may also be suited for you.

This tonic’s natural slight acidity is also well-matched with the acidity of your skin to support your skin’s performance as a barrier to infection.

Click below for our article in the Khloris library if you’re keen to delve further into rose water’s fabulous properties.

Rose water’s benefits for skin

How can I use this skin tonic in my routine?

How to Use Khloris Botanical Skin TonicAs a light, fresh spray there are many beautiful ways to use this Khloris Botanical Skin Tonic to suit your personal skin care routine. You can use it as you would a traditional toner, or as part of cleansing, moisturising or a treatment. Click the image above for ideas.

Aromatherapy benefits: calm, centre soothe

When you spray on this skin tonic you are inhaling pure plant compounds which may influence your nervous system. So, this skin tonic also has potential benefits for your mood and emotions.

Rose is known for calming and soothing, and in aromatherapy is associated with opening the heart.  Frankincense is believed to help centre the emotions.

Neither Rose nor Frankincense are known for sedative effects, so this tonic should not make you drowsy and is fine for both your morning and evening skin care routine.

Applying this tonic is a perfect opportunity for taking a moment to breathe deeply, calm and centre yourself before going about your day, or hopping into bed.

Frankincense has been associated with spiritual ritual for thousands of years and is traditionally used for meditation to invite a direct and intense journey within.

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More about the ingredients

Frankincense is a fabulously fragrant resin

An incision is made into the silvery bark of the Frankincense tree, from which drips the fragrant tears of resin that harden. It is this resin that is distilled to make frankincense hydrosol (and essential oil). 

Our Frankincense hydrosol was made in the Sultanate of Oman by distiller Trygve who has been distilling Frankincense there since 2009. Her distillation is slow. Using traditional copper alembics and low temperatures, the essential oil is coaxed and persuaded out of the resin.

Dhofar, Oman,  is one of the only places in the world where aromatic Frankincense trees, Boswellia sacra, (pictured) live and thrive in the wild.

Rose water has been a beloved skin care ingredient since antiquity

Our Khloris rose water is highly enriched. It is produced to preserve full saturation of rose oil in the water by being distilled only once.

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More things you might want to know

What is distillation?

Distillation is when heated steam or water is used to extract valuable oils and compounds from plant material (leaves, flowers – or resin, in the case of Frankincense).  In the still, steam is infused through the plant material to burst the cells. The steam is then cooled and the finished product is a mix of oil and enriched water. The oil floats to the top and is sold as an essential oil. The enriched water that is left is known as a distilled water or a hydrosol.

How long do Khloris skin tonics last?

We recommend that you use them within three months of opening and that you open them before the best before date on the bottle.  The best before date can be found in the ‘Important things to know’ section of the information about each edition on the page where you buy in the shop.

We are also passionate about offering a fresh, alive product, which is why we release our skin tonic in seasonal editions. More on that below.

How can you ensure this product is traceable from flower to face?

We buy only directly from small, passionate distillers who are focussed on producing a very high quality of enriched distilled water (hydrosol).

As we don’t deal with wholesalers we have visibility of the ingredients through every step in the chain of production. Our hydrosols are shipped to us directly by the distillers so there is no risk that our product has been reconstituted, diluted or adulterated without our knowledge. Unfortunately this a common issue in the aromatherapy industry.

Khloris Botanical Damask Rose Farm

Our Damask Rose Water is grown and distilled on an organic (non-certified) family farm in Victoria, Australia. (Pictured above).

Why do your skin tonics have no other ingredients?

Our skin tonics contain everything they need to be beneficial for your skin. Because the hydrosols we use have been sensitively distilled from the highest quality plant material, they are enriched with the goodness of microscopic particles of essential oil as well as the water-soluble compounds that account for their known benefits for skin.

And because we are a small, niche company that sells directly to our customers and controls every aspect of our own sales and distribution, we don’t need to add the ingredients that mass-market products destined for global retail distribution with long shelf life need to support these logistics rather than benefit skin.

Nothing else is added to a Khloris skin tonic: no added water to dilute. No alcohol. No added preservative. No concentrated synthetic or natural oils to standardise the scent.

Why work in seasonal editions?

We love the vibrancy of a fresh distilled plant water – and the benefits for skin – we wanted to share that.

Our ethos is also to help connect beauty – and you – back to the natural cycles of nature.

There’s an ancient Asian philosophy that we love, loosely translated as The Way of the Flower, that teaches that appreciating the transient life of a flower in all of its stages helps us to embrace the beauty in the transience of nature, and of our own lives.

Industrialised beauty is a system that is divorced from the natural cycle of nature and that has significant downsides for our environment – and, we feel, for the health of our skin, and our well-being.

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