Pure Australian Damask Rose Water

Skin tonic: Seasonal Edition 3

Australian Damask Rose Water

Purity redefined.

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A fresh preparation for your complexion.

Hydrating, balancing, soothing.

Suits most skin types including mature, combination, normal, dry and sensitive.

A one hundred percent natural product with nothing added.
Vegan, paleo, human-tested only.

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Grown and distilled with love by Allan, Vicki and family on their organic farm (non-certified) in Victoria Australia.

A rare rose water because it’s not a by-product of essential oil production.

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A rose by any other name is NOT a rose.

Rose water is a beloved beauty staple, but let the buyer beware, rose water production methods and quality vary greatly. You may be shocked to know that some rose waters have never been near a rose petal.

Our producers distil only once and focus on retaining a high amount of quality oil in the water. (Rose water that’s made as a by-product of essential oil production is processed more than once to squeeze out every trace of oil).

Read our Q&A all about rose water production here.

We source directly from the grower/distiller and we distribute online only so we have total oversight of quality at every step in the process until our product reaches our customers’ hands. Nothing goes into a bottle without being quality tested and we test again at regular intervals while the product is in season.

This means that we can offer Khloris as a pure and fresh product – there are no potentially irritating and microbiome-disrupting alcohol or preservatives, and we do not add any fragrance.

This is truly a product for the woman who wants to support her skin’s health with a minimal ingredient, high purity routine.


Start with the Damask rose, cultivated since
antiquity for its aromatic oil content

Add altitude, winter chill and summer warmth

Tend carefully with organic cultivation

Many thousand flowers bloom

Hand harvest at sunrise

Infuse petals with steam until their cells burst open

Cool and condense the steam into a richly
infused rose water

Rest. Quality test. Bottle.

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Khloris packaging feels and looks beautiful while minimising environmental impact.

Finalist, Design Awards 2015

100ml and 50ml available.

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In line with our love of the hand-made,
Khloris Botanical packaging contains no
plastic and is printed on antique
letterpress machinery.


Khloris is traceable from flower to your face
vs others – who made it?

From distiller to Khloris to you
vs how many steps and margins in the supply chain?

Khloris is traditionally distilled
vs others - partly or wholly manufactured in a lab?

Khloris is distilled especially for the rose water
vs others - a by-product of oil production?

Khloris is 100% pure and natural
vs others - added water, alcohol, fragrance, preservative?

Khloris has beautiful, sustainable packaging
vs others - how much plastic?

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