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Khloris Botanical is a distilled plant water company based in Melbourne, Australia.

We make a line of pure facial skin tonics from distilled organic or biodynamic flowers.

Our ethos is connection to nature. Our skin tonics contain no additives or preservatives and are released in limited editions, fresh in the harvest season of each flower.

We source our distilled plant water directly from specialist farmer-distillers from around the world who produce for therapeutic use. Each edition of our skin tonic is traceable from flower to face.

We sell to our global customer base exclusively via online orders from khlorisbotanical.com.

Khloris Botanical was founded in 2014 by management consultant and former Vogue contributor Suzanne Walker.

Suzanne Walker

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The first time I experienced plant water (also known as hydrosol or hydrolat) direct from an artisan distiller, my eyelids flew open. The depth and richness of the molecules now in my nose startled my brain, which had prepared itself for the aroma of the clear water it saw. Instead, there was honey summer hay. It was helichrysum and the start of a love affair.

I’m a communicator by trade with a long-standing interest in the beauty industry. I had the pleasure of freelancing for Vogue Australia for three years, which was a fantastic opportunity to write about and learn from the best in the industry. At the time I had a cutting edge high-tech routine; my skin had an expensive and highly tended glow.

Whilst writing for Vogue I interviewed Professor Loren Cordain, the founder of the Paleo movement. It sparked a new research interest that eventually inspired me to see my body  – and my skin – as magnificently self-regulating and able to restore and regenerate itself naturally if given the right conditions. The complex system of synthetic ingredients and treatments I was using in an effort to control my skin felt out of step with this.

For the woman who wants simple but effective products in her beauty routine, distilled plant waters are perfect. Some, such as rose, have been used in skincare for hundreds of years. They contain potent beneficial botanical actives for skin, yet are very gentle. When you touch one, you’re touching the plant, its place, its season and the hands that grew and distilled it.

I became a woman obsessed, but finding distilled plant waters in the way that I wanted proved tricky. They are used in many modern skincare products but usually mixed with other ingredients including alcohol, concentrated essential oils or synthetic fragrances and preservatives. They can be mass-produced with varying quality and their provenance is almost always unclear. You may be buying plain water with a few drops of essential oil added rather than a wholly distilled product and there’s no standardised approach to what they are called or labelled.

So I decided to source them myself and Khloris Botanical was born. I want to help make this beautiful ingredient more widely understood and available in a pure, fresh and beautiful experience.

My other motivation lies in exploring how Khloris can contribute to broadening the cultural conversation around women and ageing. It puzzles me that in an industry that’s all about beauty that so many marketing practices don’t make me feel beautiful. I think that it’s time to explore a narrative that doesn’t pit us against a natural process and ultimately our own selves.

As part of reconnecting with nature and simplifying my life I sold my city apartment and moved to a poetic cottage on six acres in the country. My dream is to turn it into a fragrant paradise and perhaps distil a flower or two of my own one day. It was, and is, challenging. But now I notice the moon, I play with flowers and I douse myself in distilled plant waters daily. These things make me feel beautiful.

Vogue Article

I contributed to Vogue Australia – a wonderful window into the beauty industry.



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