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About Us

Khloris Botanical is a distilled plant water company based in Melbourne, Australia. We make a line of pure facial skin tonics from distilled organic or biodynamic flowers.

Our skin tonics contain no additives or preservatives and are released in limited editions, fresh in the harvest season of each flower. We source our distilled plant water directly from specialist farmer-distillers from around the world who produce for therapeutic use. Each edition of our skin tonic is traceable from flower to face.

We sell to our global customer base exclusively via online orders from khlorisbotanical.com.

Khloris Botanical was founded in 2014 by management consultant and former Vogue contributor Suzanne Walker.

Five things we hold true at Khloris

#1. We are nature

Have you heard of Biophilia? It’s a theory that humans are innately attracted to nature*. We probably don’t need a theory to prove this though, our bodies will tell us – in nature, we feel more alive.

Humans are magnificent biological organisms with ancient chemistry. At Khloris we believe that nature gets it right: plant-based ingredients are more likely to work better with our skin’s health-giving mechanisms than something isolated, concentrated and synthetic.

Distilled plant water is nature. Its production = plants + water and heat.

We love to think of it as a plant, a place and a season captured in water. When you spray it on you are literally bringing nature into your skin.

At Khloris, we buy directly from distillers so that we can know that our product has nothing synthetic used, either during or post-production.  We only accept the best quality raw ingredient so that we don’t need to process, add fungacides, microcides, or fragrance. We offer the product fresh and counsel use within three months to avoid the need for potentially skin-irritating and microbiome-disrupting preservatives.

When you touch a Khoris product, you don’t touch plastic; we use elements from nature in our packaging – a glass bottle, a paper label and cardboard for protection during shipping.

The poet Albert Huffstickler wrote: “We forget we’re mostly water/Till the rain falls/And every atom in our body starts to go home.”

The poets always know.

*Biophilia is also a pretty great album by Bjork.

ALSO: If you have three spare minutes, check out this beautiful video drawing on the words of astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson about how we are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically.

#2. A beauty product should make you feel beautiful

There’s a consumer marketing trope that self + brand = ideal self.  It’s flashed into your subconscious thousands of times a day, designed to motivate you to purchase from a place of “I am not enough.”

At Khloris, we prefer the model of self = ideal self.  This doesn’t mean you may not strive to be better – balancing self-acceptance with the drive to reach potential is part of being human. Certainly not something we’ve yet mastered personally, but something to which we aspire.

If humankind is to meet the challenges of our modern world, we need women out there every day inhabiting their fullest selves. Not women made smaller with concern about lines on their face.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver, poet.

You won’t see the word ‘anti’ in any Khloris marketing communications. You won’t see unrealistic computer-altered faces changing women into something they’re not.

We don’t do insecurity marketing at Khloris.

ALSO: You may be interested in the Khloris Beauty Grace, a gratitude practice we developed to help you use neuroscience to train your brain to see more beauty in yourself. Read more about it HERE.

#3. Seasons change, it makes life interesting

The ancient art of Ikebana considers a flower a form of meditation on the passage of time. A flower can help us appreciate a beautiful, but uncomfortable truth: life is fleeting.

Our industrial beauty system usually disconnects us from this reality, offering up gleaming products of unknown synthetic origin engineered to be homogeneous, available 365 days a year and often sold with the story that we should ‘fight’ time.

To humans, as rhythmic creatures evolved with the seasons, we may experience these illusions with a faint sense of unease.

The way we manage our product availability at Khloris – in fresh seasonal releases – is a necessity of making a pure, plant-based unpreserved product, but also, an echo of the rhythms of nature. It’s a reminder that we live constrained by the earth’s resources. And time itself. There’s joy in living deeply and fully in the season we have right now, then gracefully letting it go to discover what’s next.

#4. Less is more

People ask if there will be a full Khloris range, with cleansers, moisturisers and all we have come to associate with a beauty brand. Will we be doing more they ask? “No,” we say. “We like to do less”.

We aim to be great at just one thing: working with the best, fresh, pure, lovingly hand-made distilled plant waters in the world. That’s a full-time occupation for us, perhaps even a lifetime’s one.

This less-is-more approach is also to be found inside our bottles where we reflect the concept of minimum effective dose: anything more than what you need is a waste.

It’s impossible to know the ultimate impact on your skin, not to mention on our earth, air and oceans, of daily beauty regimes with hundreds of ingredients. When you have few ingredients, as our tonics do, each has to shine on its own merits and quality, there is no room to hide.

If you look closely on the Khloris label, you’ll see this symbol: < = >. It means less = more: our daily reminder that sometimes perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Less is more

#5. Beauty can be an ethical act

There’s a lovely shift happening: old capitalism, with its ethos of growth no matter the consequence and mantra of shareholder value above all, is being nibbled at the edges by a new breed of conscious businesses: businesses concerned with their short and long term impact on people, animals and the planet; businesses not just about profit, but also about purpose.

We believe that beauty can be an ethical act. That you, as the consumer, can influence change through the kind of companies you support.

Your dollars are a vote for the kind of world you want to see.

For this though, you need those companies to be fully transparent so that you have the information you need for your voting dollars to count.

We’re working hard to make Khloris such a business. We are proud that our product contains only one totally natural, pure ingredient that supports skin health and the health of the planet. By working closely with small passionate growers and distillers we can give you a clear line of sight to our product’s journey from flower to face. We sell to you directly online so that we fully control the experience and ethics of selling and getting our product to you. We also research the sustainability of every raw material used in our packaging and, if you order our 100ml size you’ll see those details there on our shipping box.

We would love to know if there’s anything else that you would like us to be more transparent about.  To let us know any questions or suggestions, please contact us.


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