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Khloris Botanical Skin Tonic

A fresh preparation for the complexion made from distilled plant waters


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Distilled plant waters have been used in skincare for hundreds of years
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Clouds are part of earth’s natural distillation system.
NASA captured these formations over the western Aleutian Islands.
Wikimedia Commons.

When you place flowers, leaves or twigs in a still and infuse them with steam, their cells burst open. When that steam is condensed back into water, it has been enriched with oil and plant compounds.

When we discovered how wonderful distilled plant waters could be for the skin, we searched for a product that met our obsessive standards.

Alas, our industrialised beauty industry often sees them adulterated by wholesalers then mixed with water, alcohol, preservatives and fragrances to homogenise and stablilise them for shelf life. Even if you find one that’s pure, you don’t know exactly what you’re buying.

We couldn't find what we wanted, in the way that we wanted it, so we created it.

We source directly from distillers who use

small-batch traditional methods.

We know them by name so you can too

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The plants our distillers use can be traced back to their origin farms, or are wild and sustainably gathered

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For millennia our skin has served as a statement. Tattoo artist Kenji Alucky
creates his amazing tattoos by stippling fine dots. See more of his work here

Our tonic is offered as a series of seasonal limited editions, designed for you to use while fresh and potent.

Each edition features a different plant and will have different benefits for the skin based on that plant’s properties.

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In greek mythology Khloris represents the qualities of spring, freshness and transformation.

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Botticelli depicted the transformation of Khloris from nymph
to goddess of flowers in his masterpiece Primavera
Image: Wikimedia Commons. 

Each edition of our tonic contains just two or three fresh plant waters chosen for their efficacy for skin and soul. No alcohol. No preservatives. No confounding ingredient list.

Our skin thanks us.

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Khloris Botanical skin tonic is a liquid spray, it’s easy to welcome into your beauty routine.

  • Wipe to banish cleanser residue
  • Layer before moisturising to supercharge hydration
  • Mix with a mask to treat
  • Spritz for a lift in spirits
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